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"The use of self-help resources is a growing trend among Americans. More than 80% of psychologists recommend specific self-help books to their clients, contributing to the estimated 2,000 self-help books published each year. However, an electronic literature search revealed few studies on the success of self-help treatments for people suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The purpose of this study was to obtain expert evaluations of self-help films and books on PTSD in order to guide both consumers and professionals in selecting meritorious resources. Two national samples of clinical and counseling psychologists rated 7 films and 28 self-help books on most highly valued films were The Accused and Fearless; the top rated books were Reclaiming Your Life After Rape, Rebuilding Shattered Lives, Trauma and Recovery, and The PTSD Workbook."

An example of the report’s inclusive merits can be found in the sections on uncertainty, communication, conversations and language, in which heavyweight academics highlight key considerations in dealing with contentious and risk-laden areas of innovation. Case studies relating to nuclear submarines, fracking and flood planning are supplied by professionals and advocates directly involved in the debates. This is complemented by discussions of the human element in estimating risk from the government’s behavioural insights team, as well as discussions of how the contexts of risk-laden decisions play a part. Anyone who has a stake in science or technology that is in the slightest bit publicly contentious will find these sections salutary.

It is to be noted here by all the teachers and students that the projects and models prepared should be made from eco-friendly products without incurring too much expenditure. The Project Report should be handwritten by the students themselves and comprise of not more than 15 foolscap pages. The record of the project work (internal assessment) should be kept for a period of three months for verification, if any. Records pertaining to projects (internal assessment) of the students will be maintained for a period of three months from the date of declaration of result for verification at the discretion of Board. Subjudiced cases, if any or those involving RTI / Grievances may however be retained beyond three months.

Write social science essays

write social science essays


write social science essayswrite social science essayswrite social science essayswrite social science essays