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Basic lists Make a program that lets a user input a series of names into a list. The program should then ask the user whether they want to print out the list in the original order, or in reverse. Extensions: 1. Enable the user to choose what number item in the list they want to print out 2. Enable the user to only print out a ‘slice’ of the list (eg item three to item nine only) 3. Enable the user to remove any items of the list that they want to 4. Enable the user to save their list to a file for later, and also enable them to load it back up again too 5. ‘Clean’ the list by making all the items lowercase.

A reading activity allows the child to practice reading something of his or her own choice or something the tutor selected. The reading material should be at an appropriate level so the child can read it with ease. Tutors might select a book on a topic of interest to the child or introduce a new book they think the child will enjoy. Many children like to read the same book or passage again and again because it helps them feel a sense of mastery. Tutors can read aloud to non-readers. During the reading activity a child might read alone, take turns reading with the tutor, or engage in paired reading.

Originally from Canada, Penny grew up overseas, spending time during her childhood in Africa, the Middle East and Western Europe. After returning to Canada to receive her teaching qualifications, she landed her first gig — teaching at an American school in Casablanca, Morocco. She proceeded to take a job at Colegio Roosevelt in Lima as a first grade teacher, where she met Joseph, her now-husband and business partner. Joseph, a Glasgow, Scotland native, worked as a high school English teacher for 18 years before becoming the school’s principal. After a short stint outside education, Joseph returned to the sphere by teaching international baccalaureate (IB), advanced placement (AP) and standardized test preparations at an international school Lima, Peru.

Tutoring websites

tutoring websites


tutoring websitestutoring websitestutoring websitestutoring websites