Touchstones essays on literature art and politics pdf

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It began, as such stories often do, with an unlikely benefactor. After receiving high-profile commissions from the likes of the British Film Institute and the Criterion Collection, Kogonada was still unsure of how to make the leap into feature filmmaking. Naturally, he assumed that any opportunities would come from people in the art-house community as opposed to, say, the co-director of “American Pie.” While working on an adaptation of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Like Father, Like Son,” Chris Weitz was struck by Kogonada’s video essay on the Japanese auteur, and decided to reach out to the editor.

T he contrast between master and friend, harsh and tender, also shaped Jefferson’s most compelling critique of slavery. The most intractable of American problems, human bondage, had become the central labour system of the American South during the disordered years of the late 17th century. Writing a century later in the 1780s, Jefferson argued that the search for complete control over slaves undermined the foundations of the republic. Slaveholders engaged in the ‘most unremitting despotism’. People in bondage felt no loyalty to master or nation. The evil effects of the institution even corrupted the children of slaveholders. Observing (and then imitating) their parents’ fury, they were ‘nursed, educated and daily exercised in tyranny’.

Touchstones essays on literature art and politics pdf

touchstones essays on literature art and politics pdf


touchstones essays on literature art and politics pdftouchstones essays on literature art and politics pdftouchstones essays on literature art and politics pdftouchstones essays on literature art and politics pdf