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A much newer case involving VMware again tests the GPL. The Software Freedom Conservancy, “claims VMware is using the Linux kernel without respecting the terms of its copyright license, the GPL.” This case may offer a better precedent for WordPress and its derivative works, as it is centered on “module loading” in VMware, “with an insulating layer to allow its kernel to use unmodified Linux drivers.” The case gets murkier than that, as it may not have been as isolated as it was attempted, but the result could be decent precedent for similarly loading WordPress themes and plugins, in my opinion.

There are a bunch of values you can you give your code chunks. For example, if you don’t want to include code in your text, but just the output, you can write ‘ {r include = FALSE} ‘. You can also suppress warnings by writing  ‘ {r warning = FALSE} ‘. If you don’t do this and something is wrong with your code, a warning message might be printed in your thesis. Anyway, there’s a whole list of things you can do with knitr chunks. I only discuss the ones I found necessary here, but if you’re interested, Yihui Xie, the developer of knitr, provides some great documentation on his website .

Thesis codepress

thesis codepress


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