Spiritual journey essay

Oh that those lips had language! Life has passed With me but roughly since I heard thee last.
My mother! when I learned that thou wast dead,
Say, wast thou conscious of the tears I shed?
Hovered thy spirit o’er thy sorrowing son,
Wretch even then, life’s journey just begun?
... I heard the bell tolled on thy burial day,
I saw the hearses that bore thee slow away,
And turning from my nursery window, drew
A long, long sigh, and wept a last adieu!
Thy maidens, grieved themselves at my concern,
Oft gave me promise of thy quick return.
What ardently I wished, I long believed,
And disappointed still, was still deceived;
By expectation every day beguiled,
Dupe of to-morrow even from a child.
But the record fair,
That memory keeps of all thy kindness there,
Still outlives many a storm, that has effaced
A thousand other themes less deeply traced.
Thy nightly visits to my chamber made
That thou mightst know me safe and warmly laid;
Thy morning bounties ere I left my home,
Thy biscuit, or confectionery plum;
The fragrant waters on my cheeks bestowed
By thy own hand, till fresh they shone and glowed:
All this, and more endearing still than all,
Thy constant flow of love, that knew no fall,
Ne’er roughened by those cataracts and breaks,
That humour interposed too often makes:
All this still legible in memory’s page
And still to be so to my latest age.

I am fully aware that this event in my life carries almost no weight for anyone who chooses to disbelieve in God. Such a person’s faith in atheism would probably overcome whatever credibility I have in his eyes. However, it is not for him that I relate what happened. I write it for the seeker who wishes to know whether God exists, and, if He does, whether He reveals Himself. I answer with an emphatic "yes." But regardless of the weight someone might place in this answer to prayer, for me this event established the existence of God once and for all. My prayer was answered immediately and in a manner that cannot be explained except by the grace and kindness of a hearing, powerful, present God.

Ashwin Sathyanarayanan English 10 Professor Stanley Personal Essay That Once in a Lifetime Chance It is a great feeling going to a place where it’s a huge matter in one’s life. “Revisiting Sacred Ground” N. Scott Momaday had made a pilgrimage which his Kiowa ancestors. Momaday has said,” There are certain villages, and towns mountains and plains that, having seen them, walked in them, lived in them, even for a day, we keep forever in the mind’s eye. ” Just like how Momaday relived his ancestor’s trails, I had a chance as well. I was lucky enough to be able to go on such a sacred journey that people would pay in thousands of dollars.

Spiritual journey essay

spiritual journey essay


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