Photo essay of chinatown

Very beautiful and informative work about one place in a country, a huge country, that we still have so much to learn from and about. The fact that it is made more personal
by the relationship Alan has with it is important. And though
people may live in what we look at as poverty, these are
sometimes the people whose lives are the richest in culture…..not to gloss over poverty ever….it is not easy to
live with poverty….but how western eyes regard poverty
is usually about the accumulation of thing where the
real impoverishment comes from owning things but being without soul. Maggie Steber

According to the Nate D. Sanders auction house in Los Angeles, which made the sale, the iconic image was snapped after Einstein’s 72nd birthday party at The Princeton Club in 1951. Einstein—probably tipsy or something—stuck his tongue out at a group of photographers trying to take his picture. While the photographer who took the shot —Arthur Sasse—was initially nervous about publishing the somewhat unflattering photo of the famed physicist, Einstein was simply tickled. According to Live Science , he ordered several copies of the photo and signed the original “A. Einstein .51.”

Jessicka has curated two different art shows under the name Dark Dark Science. The first was on November 13, 2010, the show was collectively entitled 'Smile Even if it Hurts', a joint exhibit with friend and fellow artist Lindsey Way . [50] The second show was on August 4, 2012 and ran until August 28, 2012. The show was called 'MiXTAPE'. Artists were asked to pick a song and create art inspired by that song. 24 artists participated in the show including Mark Ryden , Frances Bean Cobain , Camille Rose Garcia , Fairuza Balk , Aaron Smith, and Tara McPherson . The eclectic mix of songs chosen were featured for digital download on iTunes . [61] [62]

Photo essay of chinatown

photo essay of chinatown


photo essay of chinatownphoto essay of chinatownphoto essay of chinatownphoto essay of chinatown