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To Ruth Ruhl-LaMusga, I do not disagree with your moral position on God’s purpose for sex.  I believe that God created sex to be within a marital union between one man and one woman and that sex serves both to unite the couple and to procreate.  When you say that women can’t be homosexual because they can’t perform sodomy because they lack the genitalia, I think that is besides the point.  Homosexuality whether it is between two males or two females is engaging in sexual activity with someone of the same sex.  It is a sin.  As for outreach programs, if their purpose is to bring someone out of sinful practice, that is a good thing.  For people to deny their inclinations and suppress them in a way that bypasses their consciousness is not necessarily going to help them fight their sinful tendencies.  If you are aware of your weaknesses you can handle them better and avoid situations that would lead you into temptation.  Being honest with yourself is always good.  Acknowledging that for some people there may be a biological component to their disorder is not a justification for sin, just an additional piece of information that might help them in their efforts to conform themselves to God’s will.  Of course, God’s power can give them the strength they need to lead lives pleasing to Him.

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Martin eden essay

martin eden essay


martin eden essaymartin eden essaymartin eden essaymartin eden essay