Literaturangabe von dissertationen

In these circumstances Christian I, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg , Frederick V's governor of the Upper Palatinate, moved to intervene in Bohemia. He did not initially propose nominating Frederick as king because the young elector was still seen as politically inexperienced, and was a Calvinist, while there were virtually no Calvinists in Bohemia. At any rate, Frederick was not initially eager to defy the Emperor, who had praised Frederick's loyalty. Frederick did not publicly break with the Emperor, but in a letter to his father-in-law, James I of England , he placed the blame for the Bohemian vote on the Jesuits and the Spanish party at the Habsburg court. This was a questionable evasion of the role played by Frederick's own agents.

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Literaturangabe von dissertationen

literaturangabe von dissertationen


literaturangabe von dissertationenliteraturangabe von dissertationenliteraturangabe von dissertationenliteraturangabe von dissertationen