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Future New means on the cutting edge of creative practice. Work submitted to this category should address the issues and concerns of our time through conceptual, social, or political content. Work can be executed as—but is not limited to—installation art, performance art*, interactive text, sound art, re-purposed materials, or new and applied technologies. Along with the work, the student must submit a written statement that describes in detail the processes used to create the work and/or relevant content that situates the work as innovative. A Future New work must be both thought-provoking and reflect creative excellence.

Keyboard (Classical): Two pieces, preferably memorized, in contrasting styles (for example, a Bach Prelude and Fugue and a movement of a classical sonata).  A third contrasting piece is optional.  All major and harmonic minor scales.  Sightreading will be included in the audition.  Please bring music resume and repertoire list.

Keyboard (Jazz Studies Concentration) :   Choose 2 Major and 2 harmonic minor scales: four octaves, hands together.   Perform two prepared Jazz selections in contrasting styles (swing, Latin, ballad), which demonstrate the ability to play jazz melodies in the right hand and provide a jazz style accompaniment in the left hand (chord voicings, walking or stride bass).  These selections must be memorized.   Examples would be:  Satin Doll, Take The "A" Train, Autumn Leaves, or other compositions from published jazz "fake" books.  Additionally, please be prepared to perform a  memorized blues composition that demonstrates the ability to improvise and a c lassical piano composition played form memory.

Very interesting and informative blog – thanks!
I have recently started working in linocut. Currently at an artists residency, I have found some bits of this japanese vinyl (blue on on side, green on the other) you describe above. I would love to buy that, but can’t find a supplier online (I’m in Ireland) – your blog is the only place where I have seen any reference to it at all. Does anybody know where to find it? It has just the perfect consistency for me. The two sides also seem to be slightly different, with the green one being a little softer.

Essay printmaking

essay printmaking


essay printmakingessay printmakingessay printmakingessay printmaking