Essay on save vultures

Well that definitely gives me some hope to hear that the guy turned around his problem that quickly.  It’s funny, I think a lot of people more or less self-medicate their social anxiety with booze.   I look around at my friends and family members (Irish-Catholic family from Boston) who drink a lot and wonder if they’re dealing with the same shit as I am, but don’t speak up either ……. As far as exercise goes, I more or less force myself to run…..and it helps to an extent.  But it’s no cure.  Maybe a few hours of lessened anxiety, but no permanent lasting changes.

At a minimum, Iran’s rhetoric and military reorganizations suggest it is intent on further military mobilization. Whether there will be pushback from the Iranian public remains to be seen. The political space in Tehran for questioning Iran’s Iraq and Syria policy is limited, as a number of prominent political activists have found out. Take Gholamhossein Karbaschi, a former mayor of Tehran and a prominent reformist, who was sternly reprimanded for merely suggesting that the solution of the regional wars might require more than just “money, arms, and killing.”

Essay on save vultures

essay on save vultures


essay on save vulturesessay on save vulturesessay on save vulturesessay on save vultures