Essay - i heard the owl call my name

Although action is already being taken on the CFC/Ozone issue on both global and national levels, there are steps we, as individuals, can take to heal our "shattered sky." Consumers need to make a practice of reading labels on spray cans, and avoid using products containing any of the chlorine compounds. Air-conditioning hoses on automobiles should be changed at the first sign of wear by an agent certified in the proper handling of coolants to prevent unnecessary leaking of CFCs into the atmosphere. Proper disposal of those coolants used in refrigeration and air-conditioning is now mandated by the federal government and any violations of those laws could result in a heavy fine. Consumers can ask dry cleaners to avoid the use of CFC solvents in cleaning garments. Probably the most important role individuals have in the CFC/Ozone issue is education.

The death of the weesa-bedo is much closer to Mark’s own death than the discussions that surface during his boat ride to Kingcome. Although, Mark does not know the boy, the body is in the vicarage waiting the arrival of the RCMP officer, who will clear the burial of the body. This is the first death Mark experiences in the solemn village of Kingcome. The death is indirect because Mark doesn’t actually know the weesa-bedo. During a conversation about the weesa-bedo, Jim informs Mark that dead “…bodies are kept in the vicarage until burial.” (24) The death of Keetah’s sister is dreadfully near to Mark’s own demise. The RCMP officer claims that the man who Keetah’s sister was engaged to “…left her in Vancouver, penniless, and he disappeared.” (79) Keetah’s sister eventually dies by succumbing to alcohol, cocaine, and the desire’s of men. Her death is indirect because she dies far from the village of Kingcome. It is also direct however, because Mark had previously been acquainted with her. The death of Keetah’s sister is important and very near to Mark’s own death because she dies in the “white man’s world” which is where

Essay - i heard the owl call my name

essay - i heard the owl call my name


essay - i heard the owl call my nameessay - i heard the owl call my nameessay - i heard the owl call my nameessay - i heard the owl call my name