Dream life essay

I had a dream where I entered a building and found myself on a high floor. Then I felt inspired to master a football juggling trick. This is strange since I do not play football in real life. Anyhow I remember thinking to myself how immature it was to try such games and I stopped the game. Then I wandered around on that high floor and came upon an entrance. I entered and saw a staircase leading down. There were women doing solaat on the staircase itself. I made my way down and as I descended I suddenly felt this sadness overcome me and I felt the need to make sujood myself. The I woke up from this dream crying. I simply felt so sad and I can’t explain it. I don’t even know why I’m in tears for this dream. What does it mean?

To enter the Listen to a Life Contest, a young person 8-18 years old interviews an older person over 50 years (cannot be a parent; may be a grandparent, older friend, mentor, neighbor, assisted living or long-term care resident, etc.) The young person then writes a 300-word essay (maximum) based on the interview.

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Check the contest rules . You can also read Why Enter?

Read past winning stories to see how to craft an appropriate essay. The judging committee isn't looking for a laundry list of dates and life facts. Rather, they're looking for an evocative, creative story that captures the essence of a person's life, or a critical moment or experience.

Finally, young and old can read and discuss the award-winning book Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes , by Susan V. Bosak. A multilayered story told by a wise old star, it's about hopes and dreams across a lifetime, in the past and into the future. We even have intergenerational activities you can do. The book sets the stage for a great interview.

Dream life essay

dream life essay


dream life essaydream life essaydream life essaydream life essay