Dialogue rules in an essay

“It’s nice to meet you all.” I say.
They gasp at me.
“You’re British? She’s British!” The one called Grace states.
“Say something else!” She instructs me.
I laugh, “Being British really isn’t that cool…”
They all grin to themselves.
“Are you British too, Reagan?” Grace asks her.
“No, American.” Reagan states with an amused tone.
They all look slightly disappointed.
“It’s only an accent. What’s the big deal?” I ask.
“It’s an awesome accent, makes you sound so distinct!” Grace exclaims.
“Now I’m going to take them away because you’ve all made a fantastic first
impression.” Hannah says sarcastically, but with a warm giggle.
She grabs mine and Reagan’s hands and rushes us away from them.
“Sorry, I didn’t know they’d be so strange…”
I grin, “They were nice. Apart from Sam. He’s a bit… odd.”
Hannah giggles, “Sam’s harmless, he’s just crude.”
I take note.
Poppy comes over to us.
“Well, what did you think of our gang?” She asks with a huge smile on her face.
“Elizabeth was just saying that she thinks Sam is odd.”
Poppy laughs, “Oh I knew he’d make a standout impression on you,” she inspects her
nails for a second before looking back at us, “trust me, deep down he’s a
real sweetheart.”
Reagan scoffs, “I’ll believe that when I see it,” but then she flicks her hair as
she peeks to glance at him, “Is he single?”
Hannah and Poppy exchange knowing looks.
“Babe, he’s been single for years.” Poppy exclaims.

“What’s her story doc?” The younger of the two men broke the silence that ensued. The man called Doc leaned back and replied, “Charlie Staxx is her handler and manager. Most of her training comes from illegal underground fight clubs. That girl has skills as you can see in the video. Too bad that shark Charlie only wants to make a quick buck out of her. That was her first fight and she hardly made it as bantamweight. They pitted her against a super heavy weight and yet she won. She has raw talent but plays dirty too. She will need a lot of shake-up if she ever decides to become legit.”

Dialogue rules in an essay

dialogue rules in an essay


dialogue rules in an essaydialogue rules in an essaydialogue rules in an essaydialogue rules in an essay