Corporate social responsibility presentation essay

For many years Bombardier employees have engaged in supporting Berliner Tafel, a local food bank in Berlin. Together with other volunteers, around 50 Bombardier employees from Berlin and Hennigsdorf sites actively engage every year to collect more than 100 tons of fruit and vegetables at Fruit Logistica fair. This initiative is aligned with Bombardier’s sustainability strategy as it demonstrates the responsible use of our resources. Food that was displayed at the fair and continued to be in a good shape was picked up by the volunteers and distributed to people in need in Berlin and Brandenburg by Berliner Tafel. 

I understand that history repeats itself but, please, lets not get carried away with the expression. When slavery was allowed the economy was extremely different than the economy today. We cannot realistically compare a isolationist economy to a global economy. What you are pointing out, (I think, though I’m really not sure what the horse part was about), is saying corporations are capitalizing on labor by not compensating their workers. See: “taking from the value of others labor without fair compensation”. You do realize in this country we live in, we have something called minimum wage. That clearly states that any employer must pay an employee a certain wage for their services and employment provided. So please tell me how does that relate to Slavery?

We at Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited feel that it is our responsibility to come ahead at once for the society in trouble or undergoing pain, to provide the real-time assistance and help. At the time of 2013 Uttarakhand disaster, we, as the APML family, extended our helping hand to offer contributions and relief to the disaster-stricken areas and the victims and their families. We always understood our social responsibilities as a Corporate and offered our Carriers and team members to assist the people who were trapped in the flood-affected regions of the state. We sent our trucks with life-saving materials like food, medicines, drinking water etc. to the people on disaster locations in Uttarakhand to save the precious lives. As it was not possible for everyone to go there and help them, so we provided free and consolidated logistic support to those individuals who wanted to contribute relief materials as the help to the sufferers. Moreover, we are always on the heels of the calamitous events such as Haryana and Orissa floods, which are recurrent year by year and pose a lot of disturbances and threats to many lives, in order to provide relief and support as much as we can and whenever the need arises.

Corporate social responsibility presentation essay

corporate social responsibility presentation essay


corporate social responsibility presentation essaycorporate social responsibility presentation essaycorporate social responsibility presentation essaycorporate social responsibility presentation essay