Commerce clause essay outline

While President, George Washington received a present from the Marquis de Lafayette , who considered Washington to be his "adoptive father." [27] and kept the gift without obtaining congressional consent. There is no indication in the historical record that Lafayette was presenting the gift on behalf of the French government. To the contrary, the letter that Lafayette sent to accompany the gift stated that it was "a tribute Which I owe as A Son to My Adoptive father." [28] Because the gift did not come from a "foreign state," it did not violate the Clause. [29] George Washington also took home to Mount Vernon a print of Louis XIV in an opulently commissioned frame that he had formerly received as a diplomatic gift while President. [30] [31]

Is there a company today that doesn’t use the Internet for conducting business – selling on the company website, purchasing goods and services from other businesses, researching price, demographic, and competitors’ information, or using social networks for marketing and advertising?
Refer to Article I, Section 7 and Section 8 of your pocket Constitution and conduct research using the following links. Feel free to consult other sources for information as well.
• http:///2014/11/10/7185933/fcc-should-reclassify-internet-as-utility-obama-says
• http:///blogs/innovations/wp/2014/11/11/why-obamas-plan-to-save-the-internet-could-actually-ruin-it/
• http:///blogs/alltechconsidered/2015/01/21/378844286/critics-say-republican-net-neutrality-plan-strips-fcc-s-power
• http:///technology/2014/nov/10/cable-companies-obama-net-neutrality-proposals-fcc-fight
• http:///petition/fight-government-takeover-of-the-internet/?utm_source=tpi&utm_medium=tpidedicated&utm_term=technology&utm_content=pif1&utm_campaign=2015297
There are many federal and state legislators who would like to impose additional sales taxes on Internet purchases. Consult your pocket Constitution to locate where this power is delegated to either . Congress or to any state legislation. Do you believe they should be allowed to do so? Do they have jurisdiction over the Internet to be able to levy additional taxes? If they were able to accomplish this, how would these taxes affect your business?
What about ‘Net Neutrality’ – how will it affect cable and telecommunications companies? The president has issued an executive order to reclassify and regulate the Internet? How will this regulation affect Internet Service Providers (ISPs)? How will this regulation affect your business? Is any of this even legal?
Write a brief report (no more than 2 double-spaced pages) detailing the issues involved if these actions are taken by the government. Make sure to include specific examples to support your argument.

Although the dams would diversify Argentina’s energy sources and bring thousands of new jobs to Santa Cruz, they would leave a deep scar on its landscape. Over 116,000 acres were to be flooded, and altering the watercourse of the glacial river would ravage the region’s pristine ecosystem . When completed in 2020, the sparsely populated Santa Cruz would not even have the transmission capacity to handle the 1,740 megawatts of electricity produced. In a December 2015 meeting with prominent environmentalists, Macri reportedly said that he favored other viable and cleaner energy projects over the hydropower dams in Santa Cruz. “Let’s try to stop them,” he said.

Commerce clause essay outline

commerce clause essay outline


commerce clause essay outlinecommerce clause essay outlinecommerce clause essay outlinecommerce clause essay outline