College coursework means

General Education Prerequisites Exemption – If you have (or will complete in May) a Bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited . college or university, you may claim an exemption from the General Education Prerequisites. If you claim the General Education exemption then only your Math and Science prerequisite coursework will be included in the GPA calculation. IMPORTANT – Claiming the General Coursework Exemption is optional . If you choose to claim the General Coursework Exemption, you must have a GPA or higher in your Math & Science coursework to be considered for an interview.

As you are probably aware the government has introduced radical changes to the structure and assessment of GCSEs. A more challenging content has been studied by the current Year 11 who receive their results today. We are also moving away from the familiar system of A*-G grades to a system of grading with numbers 9-1. Courses have been designed for two years of study and are no longer divided into different modules. Coursework is no longer included in assessment. Students receiving results today took all their exams in one period at the end of their courses.

For coursework completed at any of the above types of institutions/programs to be recognized by UC in the admissions process, the principal of the student's home high school must certify that the course is comparable to other college-preparatory courses offered at the high school. UC expects that such certification follows a careful review of the curriculum and/or testing of ability level by the principal, department chair, district curriculum director or other qualified school or district personnel. The principal designates his or her certification by granting permission for the course to be listed on the student's transcript, along with credits granted and grades earned.

College coursework means

college coursework means


college coursework meanscollege coursework meanscollege coursework meanscollege coursework means