Chinese essay about myself

I believe that Fanya is not a typical case of financial mismanagement, but rather that the government and state-owned banks are heavily implicated as well. Now, according to public announcements in late March and early April, authorities say Fanya engaged in illegal fundraising. But it seems that no one is going to hold the state-owned banks accountable for the role they played. And when we protest and try to fight for our own rights, the government would rather spend money — our taxpayer money — hunting us down than on finding out why we can’t get our money back. I am furious, and also disappointed with my own country.

The Mongols won decisive victories at Sanfengshan (9 February 1232), Yangyi (24 February 1232), and T’iehling (1 March 1232). Subutai was able to maneuver along the Jin lines of retreat and destroyed their entire army. After the battle, the top Jin general Wan-Yen Yi was captured: his last wish was to meet with Subutai to pay his respects to the legendary general. [9] Ögedei and the main Mongol army returned to Mongolia, leaving Subutai with a small force to complete the conquest of Henan . The heavily fortified city of Kaifeng was besieged for a year and fell in early 1233. Though the Jin were completely defeated, the Mongol besieging force ran very short on food. To solve this problem, Subutai made an alliance with Song to get help to complete the job in mid-1233. With Song help, the last Jin stronghold of Caizhou fell in 1234. But it did not take the Song long to fall out with the Mongols. Two Song armies seized Kaifeng and Luoyang during the summer of 1234. The Mongols returned, destroyed the Song armies, and retook the cities.

Chinese essay about myself

chinese essay about myself


chinese essay about myselfchinese essay about myselfchinese essay about myselfchinese essay about myself