Child observation report essays

A key piece of writing the observation report is formatting it. Craft a clear picture of the observation that includes the specifics. State the reason, objective or need for the observation. Create time and setting headings with the examples underneath. Add in information on who else was present during the observation, such as the parents, a teacher or other students. Start with the specific activity that you observed, and then elaborate with a narrative on what the child did, said and any interactions with other people. Integrate applicable child development theory and research into the observation example text. Include information on what the assessment means or a plan of action to improve any problem areas.

Recommendations  – Based on your knowledge of development and on your research, make three recommendations from the perspective of your developmental theorist for intervention that will benefit/support this child. These recommendations should be specific (. Rather than recommending speech therapy, identify some specific speech strategies that you think would be effective.) Your recommendations may include specific instructional strategies, adaptations to the environment, adaptations to the caregiving routine, etc. What types of changes or interventions will most effectively support this child’s development and enable him/her to participate fully in the environment?  Explain why you have made these recommendations.

I observed children at The Eaton Day Care Center Inc located on 310 S. Beech St in Eaton, Ohio.. It is located by two other Day Care centers on the same street. I picked this particular Center because I have heard a lot of great things about it and because it is a Christian based facility, but all are welcome even if they have a different religious belief or none at all. At the EDCC they have all ages from infants, toddler, preschool, and school age up to seven years old. They are open Monday- Friday . to . EDCC is a privately owned organization. They believe in not only nurturing the kids but helping them learn about morals, and values based on religion. There are twenty kids enrolled in the classroom I observed but there are usually only nine to thirteen kids who come regularly. I was in one of the two preschool classes and there were two main teachers. I observed a girl and a boy and I will call them Jim and Jane, which are not their real identities. The classroom was divided up into 3 sections, the playing/story-time/nap-time room, the snack room/making activities room and the bathrooms for girls/boys/adults. Need essay sample on "Child Observation report" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Child observation report essays

child observation report essays


child observation report essayschild observation report essayschild observation report essayschild observation report essays