Btec pe coursework

Our unique careers guidance service is tailored to your academic subject area. Our team source exclusive work experience opportunities to help you stand out amongst the competition, with mentoring , global internships and placements available to you.  Once you have a career in your sights, one-to-one support with CV’s and job applications will help give you the edge. In addition, our employer-endorsed award-winning Personal Skills Award (PSA) recognises your extra-curricular activities, and provides an accredited employability programme designed to improve your career prospects.

Taekwon-do literally means ‘the art of hand and foot’. There are many different types, but the main ones are WTF (World Taekwon-do Federation) as seen in the Olympics and ITF (International Taekwon-do Federation), which is the style that we do and is alot closer to the original forms of Taekwon-do. I’ve been practicing for 15 years and competing for England for the past five years. Competing in the European and World Championships has given me a great opportunity to travel around the world from Jamaica, Italy and Sweden to Spain and Slovakia.

Session 3 Today No Session 3 Today Tomorrow Shakespeare for Fun Year: 7/8 Staff: FVM KS3 Girls Football Year: 7/8 Staff: LEH/LAW Year 7/8 Trampolining Year: 7/8 Staff: SEH Year 7 A Team Football Year: 7 Staff: AKB KS3 Athletics Year: 7/8 Staff: RLO/SW/LR Girls Basketball Year: 7/8/9/10/11 Staff: RMS/FFP Army Cadets Year: 8/9/10/11/12/13 Staff: JCG/LLW/RV Book Club Year: 8 Staff: CLO English Intervention Year: 9 Staff: LLR BTEC Business Year: 9 Staff: Business Staff GCSE History Year: 9 Staff: RAH/DDP KS4 Girls Football Year: 9/10/11 Staff: LEH/LAW KS4 Athletics Year: 9/10/11 Staff: RLO/SW/LR KS4 Fitness Year: 9/10/11 Staff: SH Bronze DofE (invite only) Year: 10 Staff: MTS English Intervention Year: 10 Staff: KKF BTEC Business Year: 10 Staff: RAK KS4 CREST Award Year: 10 Staff: English Intervention Year: 11 Staff: MTS Applied Science Year: 12/13 Staff: SAC/KKN BTEC ICT (invite only) Year: 12/13 Staff: HMS Biology Year: 12 Staff: MJR AGCE Business Year: 12/13 Staff: DRM English Literature Year: 12/13 Staff: ELH Biology Year: 13 Staff: FKW Psychology Year: 13 Staff: NLL BTEC Sport/A Level PE Year: 12/13 Staff: PE Staff KS5 Fitness Year: 12/13 Staff: SH

Btec pe coursework

btec pe coursework


btec pe courseworkbtec pe courseworkbtec pe courseworkbtec pe coursework