Biblical essay questions

The purpose and intent of this section is to show there are some profoundly violent, immoral and unethical passages in the Bible when it is compared to today's secular and religious ethical systems. These passages are casting Christianity and Judaism a bad light. They are causing many potential Christians and Jews to reject the Bible, and may be contributing to the legitimization of violence throughout the culture, and the rapid abandonment of Christianity by older teens and young adults. Perhaps the most serious passages advocate the punishment of innocent people for sins perpetrated by the guilty .

A biblical counselor helps people overcome problems, challenges and issues in their lives by focusing on principles from the Bible. Biblical counselors help people deal with problems, such as infidelity, depression, anxiety and abuse, but provide diagnosis and treatment based on the Bible, rather than on psychotherapy techniques. Although there are no state-licensed requirements for biblical counselors, an advanced degree will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to be an effective Christian counselor. Use these tips to learn how to become a biblical counselor.

Some might say, “well so what if the Messiah is black, color doesn’t matter” but that is an ignorant point of view. If color didn’t matter, then why did they go through all of the trouble to paint our Messiah their color? Obviously color matters! If it didn’t, they would have left him black, and told our ancestor’s the truth about who the people of the book were. Instead, they told them lies so they could pass those lies down to us in hopes that we would never find out that Yahusha (whom the world calls Jesus) was black and that we are God’s chosen people, whom the entire bible was written about.

Biblical essay questions

biblical essay questions


biblical essay questionsbiblical essay questionsbiblical essay questionsbiblical essay questions