Bible documentary thesis

“Thanks so much for the book. I just finished it and it was very interesting. You really gave me some different views than I have held myself to in the past. I’m going to re-read Revelation (just because I think anybody should do that when they hear something new), but I think you’ve convinced me on a Post-Tribulation Rapture of the Church. I have really respected a lot of Pre-Tribulation preachers and can’t believe how they could have been deceived. It is amazing to me and I agree with you that it would be the biggest deception of all time. I was very fascinated about the “Two Witnesses” even more than the time of the Rapture. It’s definitely only for the sake of their argument that preachers would take one thing literally and then something else completely metaphorically. Not to mention picking different pieces from here and there and connecting them to support what they want to believe. I guess present day ministers just pass on what they’ve heard and don’t try to dig any deeper. To tell you the truth I’m starting to feel a little foolish myself for having gone on so long without questioning what I’ve been taught. Again, Thanks so much and if there’s every anything I can do to help just let me know.”         …….. J. Sellers

Your post gave me chills. Attibuting terrible nightmares to homosexuality and possible demonic possession? Given the overall fear & loathing of homesexuals that still exists in our society and widely espoused by the major religions, I must wonder about the true source of your former nightmares. After all, you likely would have internalized most of that fear and hatred well before your sexual orientation had begun to make itself known to you. I don't think your fears were based on disease and sin, but the realization that you were in danger of being rejected by your family and friends. The fact you admit to having lived the life only in secret sheds light on the kind of phsycological torment you were enduring. "Salvation through Christ" seems to me to be a poor substitute for clinical therapy, which may have allowed you to work through your fears and urges in a real and honest way. I can only hope you were upfront with your current spouse regarding your "former" homosexuality. If not, its horribly unfair.

Bible documentary thesis

bible documentary thesis


bible documentary thesisbible documentary thesisbible documentary thesisbible documentary thesis