Barbara kingsolver essay

Caroline Eisenmann joined the agency in 2017. Raised in the Boston area, she received an interdisciplinary degree focused on literature, history, and philosophy from Wesleyan University. She previously spent four years at ICM Partners building a list in literary and upmarket fiction and nonfiction. Her clients include Brandon Hobson, Kyle Chayka, Mari Passananti, Amanda Goldblatt, Robin Underdahl, and James Gregor. In addition to her agency experience, she has worked in marketing at the digital book publisher Open Road Integrated Media and held internships at The Paris Review and The Huffington Post.

Kingsolver was criticized for a Los Angeles Times opinion piece following the . bombing of Afghanistan in the wake of the September 11 attacks . She wrote, "I feel like I'm standing on a playground where the little boys are all screaming at each other, 'He started it!' and throwing rocks that keep taking out another eye, another tooth. I keep looking around for somebody's mother to come on the scene saying, 'Boys! Boys! Who started it cannot possibly be the issue here. People are getting hurt." [37] One reader cited her essay as an example of the "shabby nihilism of the left." Another wrote, "Kingsolver seemingly believes an insufficient number of us died in New York to warrant our response in Afghanistan." Another reader, however, praised her "loving sentiments." [38] By some accounts, she was "denounced as a traitor," but rebounded from these accusations and wrote about them. [39]

Barbara kingsolver essay

barbara kingsolver essay


barbara kingsolver essaybarbara kingsolver essaybarbara kingsolver essaybarbara kingsolver essay