Action research paper student behavior

Step 5: Reflect and Share
You and your team of colleagues have learned very valuable information from the surveys. You have learned that many of the students come from dual-working families and have multiple siblings in the elementary school system. A large volume of the students go to an after-school childcare service until their parents are done working for the day. Each of these findings contributes to issues of students not completing their homework on a daily basis, so your team reflects on the issues and decides it is best to organize a presentation of the findings for the entire school staff. By being able to share the findings with the entire school staff, perhaps a resolution can be brainstormed to assist in the identified problem given more information is now available.

The center also aims to ensure a strong pipeline of diverse talent in the region. To stock this pipeline, the center will partner with higher education institutions such as Morgan State University and Coppin State University to promote and support school-based and community special interest clubs related to the field to harness the creativity of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) students in underserved urban and rural communities. Additionally, MAVRIC will partner with the university and local businesses to shape the creation of a new immersive media curriculum to prepare graduates for jobs in the field. 

Action research paper student behavior

action research paper student behavior


action research paper student behavioraction research paper student behavioraction research paper student behavioraction research paper student behavior